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benefitting all beings, nature and environment.
may peace and happiness prevail!

Nota importante para Marzo 2019: Lama Rinchen vendrá a Puntagorda

The whole island of La Palma, our home base, has been declared by the UNESCO as Biosphere Worldwide Reserve in the year 2002. 

Together with Eco Casa La Palma, S.L. which is part of us, we are working for energetic independence from polluting energies by promoting solar and wind energy production, e-mobility and also ecological tourism in ecologically built homes in the countryside, possibly using as much alternative energy as possible. We can provide holidays in old, restored Canary stone houses with thick walls which are traditionally ecologic, as well as newly homes built with natural and non-poisonous materials and good insulation.

We aquired a 100% electric car which is also used by Eco Casa La Palma, S.L. to bring guests into their rented holiday homes. From 17.000 km driven in 1 year until September 2016, we can prove that it has an enormously positive effect on the environment and it is highly recommended to invest in this technology.


Zero-Emission car in natural resort and donkey refuge at Eco Casa Platero, Lomada Grande, Garafía, La Palma Island

Driving an electric car is an excellent learning experience in ecological, energy-saving driving mode. We want to share some driving advice which also applies to all other kinds of motor vehicles here. 

As an example for ecological holiday homes in rural, remote areas we want to present Casa Platero, traditional, ecological holiday home.