Fundación Canaria

benefitting all beings, nature and environment.
may peace and happiness prevail!

Mahakaruna, Fundación Canaria is a non-profit organization, legally approved for tax deduction by the Spanish Fiscal administration, law 49/2002 for your donations. 

Tax Nr. CIF G38965984, registered at Foundation Registry of Canary Islands: 280

Postal address: Ap. de Correos 35, E-38789 Puntagorda (S/C de Tenerife), Spain, Phone: +34-647955707

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank account: Mahakaruna, Fundación Canaria,

NEW: CaixaBank, Puntagorda: IBAN: ES0521007114830200096555 / BIC (Swift): CAIXESBBXXX  

We appreciate your donation and will issue a donation certificate, internationally valid for reducing your taxes via your tax declaration.

Mahakaruna, Fundación Canaria was founded by Brigitte and Werner Brock and the company Eco Casa La Palma, S.L. with equal shares in 2010, then named "Drukpa, Fundación Canaria". In 2016 the name was changed to "Mahakaruna, Fundación Canaria" as suggested by H.H., the 41st Sakya Trizin.

As our secretary and ex-wife Brigitte Werner Brock died in February 2020, I (Werner Brock) had a hard time taking care of all the rescued animals, household etc. I really appreciate the help received by good friends, but in the end it became obvious that we need someone constantly present at the finca to look after the rescued and adopted dogs and donkeys. 

In June 2020 via internet I finally succeeded in finding a qualified woman from Thailand, sharing my philosophy of life as well as the love and dedication for animals. With a session of the foundation's board on June 30th, 2020 Nongluck Kadkasame was nominated and approved as secretary of Mahakaruna, Fundación Canaria. She is doing a great job for the foundation, the animals, the finca and the household ever since.        


Mahakaruna is Sanscrit language and means "Great Compassion" which describes very well our motivation, work and philosophy:

Reducing suffering of all beings, working for happiness and well being of all, respecting and helping the environment, nature and a peaceful life among all habitants of our planet.

Buddhist philosophy is reflecting our values, aspirations and activities. Its teachings and practice can help to change our personal values and conduct towards less egoism, more social, compassionate, ecological and peaceful behavior, as well as towards a great respect for all life, nature and environment. 

Mahakaruna, Fundación Canaria is a foundation without commercial interests in favor of all sentient beings without discrimination, open to all religions, social, political or cultural groups.

Our seat and principal activities are located in the Canary Island of La Palma, with activities also spreading to the other 6 Canary Islands, the rest of Spain and the rest of the world. 

Our goals, values and activities are helping, promoting and realizing:

  • peace, understanding, tolerance and non-violence,
  • help for humans and aninmals in need,
  • protecting nature and environment,
  • promoting and supporting eco-friendly tourism on La Palma Island via Eco Casa La Palma, S.L.
  • education and conscienciation for a healthy and for other beings non destructive way of living,
  • preventing or minimizing climate change,
  • promotion, production and responsible utilization of clean, regenerative energies, e-mobility,
  • spiritual and personal growth and development,
  • organization and realization of information, teachings and retreats,